How do I lease an item from Ayrela?

Start browsing through our hundreds of luxury pieces available to lease online and when you
find an item you’d like to lease, simply add it to your basket and follow the check-out and
payment steps. You will be asked to create an online account and to verify your ID through
our secure ID checking service. Or, log-in if you already have an account with us.

Can I lease more than one item at a time?

Yes, you can.

Can I try the item/s on first before leasing?

Yes! We hold all items at our showroom in Watford. Give us a call on 01923 943777 to make
sure the item has been returned from its previous renter and to arrange a convenient time to
Ground Floor – The Quarters
30 – 40 St Albans Road
Hertfordshire, WD17 1RN

How do I ask a question about an item before leasing it?

If you’d like to ask a question about the colour/fit/size/style/fabric of an item [or indeed
something else] before you lease it, please email our customer service team and they will
endeavour to help you – info@ayrela.com

How many days can I keep a leased item for?

You can choose from a period of 4, 8, 10 and 20 days.

Can I lease an item/s for more than 20 days?

You can lease an item for 20 days at a time for the listed lease fee. Before or during the lease
period, if you decide you’d like to rent it for a longer timeframe, please get in touch with the
Ayrela customer service team via info@ayrela.com, and they will confirm availability.

Can I extend the lease timeframe during the rental period?

If you want to extend your rental period, please get in touch with the Ayrela customer service
team via info@ayrela.com, and they will confirm availability.

Can I keep or purchase an item that I am currently leasing?

Yes, on occasion. Please contact customer services via email at info@ayrela.com. They will be
happy to assist you.

Do you lease items outside of the UK?

At the moment we only lease within the UK.

What happens if I damage or lose my leased item?

Please contact us as soon as possible on 01923 943777 and one of our customer service
team will assist you.

My item has arrived in a poor condition, what should I do?

Please ensure that you open your delivery on the day you receive it and if you are unhappy
with the condition, please contact our customer services team immediately on 01923 943777.
They may ask you to send photos of the condition of the item to info@ayrela.com and then
arrange a full refund if the item is indeed found to be in a poor condition.

My item doesn’t fit, what can I do?

Please ensure you try on the item on the day you receive it and contact our customer
services team if the item does not fit. They will endeavour to arrange a replacement item or
provide a refund [less the delivery charge and a restock fee of £10]. Call 01923 943777 or
email info@ayrela.com

What is the status of my order?

You can find out the status of your order by going to the My Account section on the website
and clicking on Orders. Select the relevant order and the status will be displayed.

Can I make changes to my order once it has been placed?

Order changes might not be possible once an order has been processed. However, please
contact us as soon as possible on 01923 943777 should you have a problem, and we will do
everything we can to fulfil your request.

How long does it take to ship my order?

Your order will arrive on or before your leasing start date. You will receive an email
notification with dates.

How can I track my order?

Once your chosen lease request has been accepted, you'll receive a confirmation email with
your order number. When your order has been dispatched, you’ll receive another email with
tracking information.

How much does delivery cost?

Delivery charges vary depending on the size and weight of a parcel but will be displayed on
screen once you place your order.

Is a signature required for delivery?

Yes, someone will need to be there to sign for and receive the item.

Can I cancel an order? What is the deadline for cancelling an order?

Yes, you have 60 minutes to cancel an order before we start to process it. Please get in touch
with our customer service team so they can help – email info@ayrela.com or call 01923

My order hasn’t arrived. Who do I contact?

If your order has not arrived, please contact our customer services team via info@ayrela.com
or on 01923 943777.

How do I return an item?

Please repack your item in the same packaging it was sent out in and use the free returns
label to ship it back to us.

How do I know when my order has been successfully returned?

If you want to know if our team has received your return, you can check its status on the
DPD tracking website. You will receive an email confirming the refund has been processed as
soon as your leased item/s have been received and processed. Your refund will show on your
bank statement as Ayrela Ltd.

What payment methods do you accept?

We take all major credit cards and debit cards.

Will I be charged a late fee if my leased item is not returned on time?

Yes. It's important that you return your rental within the rental period, as many items will be
booked for back-to-back rentals. If an item is returned late, a late fee of £50 per day or 15% of the total rental cost (whichever is higher) will be charged until the replacement cost of the item has been reached.

Will I be charged if an item is damaged or stained when I return it?

We assess all items on their return and all cleaning charges and minor repairs such as loose
threads and missing buttons are covered but if there is any sign of significant damage or
stains there will be a charge. If an item is damaged beyond repair the item would have to be
paid for in full.

Any other fees?

There is a restock fee of £10 for any unworn items that are returned with their security tags
still attached.

What is the security deposit for?

The security deposit is automatically added for high value items to cover any possible
damage or loss during the rental period.

How do I create an account?

Click on ‘sign in’ or ‘register’ located at the top right of our homepage; you will be asked to
enter your name, email and password, and then follow the steps to continue setting up your
account or log in. As part of the account creation process, you will also be asked to verify
your ID, and once verified you are free to start leasing.

How do I manage my account?

Once registered, you will be able to view your Ayrela dashboard which is your hub for
managing your account. You can view your recent orders, manage your shipping and billing
addresses, and edit your account and password details.

How do I cancel/delete my account?

Please contact our customer service team on 01923 943777 and we can arrange to cancel
your account.

I have a problem with my account?

Please contact our customer service team via info@ayrela.com or on 01923 943777 and they
will be happy to assist.

How do I change or reset my password?

Log in and go to your Ayrela dashboard to change or reset your password.

What is your refund policy?

We will offer a refund in the event of your item not arriving in time, if it doesn’t fit or if the
item is not in the expected condition when received. However, you must contact us within
24 hours of receiving your delivery in order for us to consider a refund. PLEASE NOTE, if you
remove the tag on the item then a refund will not be possible. We do charge a restock fee of
£10 for all unworn items.

How do I request a refund?

Please contact our customer service team immediately upon receipt of your item via
info@ayrela.com or on 01923 943777.

I’ve requested a refund and still not received payment?

If you haven’t received your refund after 14 days, please contact our customer services team
via info@ayrela.com or on 01923 943777

My order arrived late and/or I received the wrong item, what do I do?

Contact customer services within 24 hours of receipt and we will endeavour to resolve the
matter. Email info@ayrela.com or call 01923 943777

How often do you dry clean items?

All our items are cleaned on return ready for the next rental.

Am I responsible for cleaning my leased item before returning it?

No, we take care of that for you - it is one of the perks of using Ayrela.


I have a promo code, how do I use it?

During the check-out there is a promo code section, please enter the promo code here if you
have one.

Will postal strikes affect my delivery?

No, we use couriers to manage our deliveries so postal strikes do not impact customer


What type of items can I list for lending on Ayrela?

We welcome bridalwear, menswear, guest wear and occasion wear for you to lease out via
our platform. You can list all the outfits and accessories that are worn at South Asian
weddings – from lehengas and sherwanis, to gowns and kurta sets. We also welcome
Western-style wedding dresses as these are still worn by South Asian brides. We ask that all
items be in a good condition, that they have been dry-cleaned and are ready to wear before
being approved by our team

How do I list an item?

If you are interested in listing your wardrobe on Ayrela, please contact us or email us at
Lend@ayrela.com to inquire. Please include:

  • Pictures of the top three pieces you would like to list
  • The price you paid for the item/s
  • As many garment details as possible (including size and year of purchase)
  • Your contact number
  • A convenient time you’d preferred to be called

A member of the team will be in touch to explain more about how the process works.

Who manages the items I list?

We do. From marketing, promoting, shipping and dry cleaning, we manage the item from our
end. You will still be the owner of the item, but we take care of the hard work for you.

Who handles the delivery of the items I list?

Once your items have been received and uploaded to the Ayrela platform, we handle the
shipping and returns for any rentals of your items.

Who is responsible for dry cleaning the items after they have been leased?

We are. Any returned items are handled by Ayrela for dry cleaning before being made
available for the next client.

How do you price my items?

We collaborate with you the owner to maintain prices as fairly as possible. When determining
the rental rate, we take the item's age, condition, and original retail price into account. Please
note, the item’s original purchase price may not be the same as the current retail value.

When and how will I be paid?

The month after the transaction date, you as the owner will receive a summary statement of
your leased items, and payment will follow shortly after.

How do I prove the condition of an item before and after leasing?

We ask that you take photos of your items prior to sending them to us. We will also take
photos on receipt before they go out for their first lease.

What happens if my item is damaged by a customer?

Items that have been damaged will be evaluated individually based on the extent of the
damage, the difficulty of restoration, and whether the item can be replaced. 
If the item is damaged during the customer’s rental period, the customer is responsible for
the damages. Any items that are not returned or are damaged beyond repair will be charged
the full replacement cost that is shown next to each item.
If you as the ‘lender’ takes back the item, damages the item and wants to list again, you
would be responsible for the damages before Ayrela remarkets again.

What happens if the leased item is lost in transit?

We ensure all items are shipped securely with a tracked and signed for delivery method. All
shipments include transit insurance.

I have an item I’ve listed on Ayrela but I’d like to use it. Can I have it back for a short period and relist when I have used it?

Yes, you can. You own the outfit, and we manage it for you, therefore it can be taken back so
long as it does not overlap with a scheduled lease period. You will be charged a restocking fee
to cover dry-cleaning expenses if it doesn’t arrive clean. We recommend a minimum of one
month for the outfit to be showcased without being reclaimed.

What checks or quality controls do you have in place before lending my items to a customer?

We use a third-party identity verification solution called Pass Base to seamlessly verify all our
customers, which provides an added layer of protection for you as a lender.

Can I request a security deposit to protect my items from any damage?

Yes, a security deposit can be added but please contact our customer service team on 01923
943777 to discuss.